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A Note From The Trainer

Liz Kearney

My  career started out in the world of banking. Throughout the early years my role was very much centred around sales and customer service and as a result of many successes on this path I qualified as a Financial Consultant and moved into the world of life and pensions. This position opened a gate of opportunities including a training role and in 2010 I finally  stepped down from a Senior Management Position and launched LK Learning Solutions –  A Training and Coaching Business.

My earlier programmes were built around sales & service excellence, managerial and team training. I always had a great interest in psychology so over the next few years, to enhance these programmes, I gained qualifications in Psychology  CBT, Emotional Intelligence, Psychometric Testing and Conflict Management. In 2013 I developed my first wellbeing programme The Resilience and Wellbeing Springboard© which is still currently being delivered nationwide.

As  I was in my direct sales and service roles I am still now very much committed to ensuring the client’s needs are at the heart of everything I do. Before I commence working with an individual, a team or an organisation I set out first to understand their behavioural learning goals and objectives. I  explore the perceived barriers that are getting in the way of achieving these objectives and in doing so capture a specific picture of what success might look like. When all becomes clear I work with my client(s) in designing effective solutions combining the appropriate learning tools and modalities that will meet their specific goals and expectations. I stay close to my client(s) till the goals and desired results become a reality.

My work today focuses on Sales & Service Excellence, Individual and Team coaching and Leadership.

I am great believer that everybody has the potential to learn and grow and the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. I ensure my workshops, both virtual and classroom are packed with interactive and thought provoking modules, hands on exercises and fun. I am a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) An Accredited DiSC® Practitioner, An Associate Partner with Wiley, and a Certified Facilitator and Coach in The RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report – ECR™. I hold a diploma in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Intelligence and am about to complete a certificate in mediation with the MII. I have just recently completed a post-grad certificate in Workplace Wellness, Leadership and Occupational Psychology In Trinity College Dublin.  I am a member of the Institute of Bankers and the Irish Institute of Training and Development.

Let’s work together

I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge and guiding others towards reaching their goals.