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ECR – Roche Martin – Leading with Emotional Intelligence

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche

While the world scrambles for a vaccine against Covid 19 the need for emotional and psychological skills has never been greater. Emotional intelligent leadership is central to ensuring a return to performance and productivity. This programme will introduce you to The Roche Martin Emotional Capital Report (ECR©). This is an effective development tool designed to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence (EQ) as it pertains to effective leadership and management of people. The report measures 10 social and emotional skills (competencies) that play a key role in determining success in both personal and professional life

The ECR© comprises of 77 brief questions that reflect critical aspects of the skill (competency) being measured and indicates the presence of this skill in the behaviour of the individual being assessed. These skills are clearly demonstrated with real-life examples assisting the individual to understand their signature strengths and development areas. Coaching strategies and exercises are then applied to build an action plan and achieve effective outcomes.


The Programme can be tailored and delivered using various methods.
A Group Workshop for up to a maximum of 8 participants over an eight-hour Zoom delivery tailored to fit in with your workplace schedule.

Programme Overview:

  • Emotional Intelligence – A Definition
  • Interpreting the ECR© – The Emotional Capital Report
  • The Ten Competencies – An Understanding
  • Developing a Personal Plan

A 1-2-1 Coaching Programme using the self-report and delivered over 3 one-hour separate Zoom sessions with offline exercises and a follow up coaching plan.

A Multi Rater Report – The ECR 360©
Using the multi-rater online method the individual has a choice to be assessed through a combination of responses from colleagues, managers, direct reports and others. These scores are then compared to the Self-Report to yield a gap analysis and an understanding of differences in self / others perception. This method includes personal tailored sessions concentrating on particular factors where ‘self’ scores and Rater Scores are significantly different and provides coaching in developing a personal strategic plan for improving performance.

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