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The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard

The Strengthened Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard is an online programme supported by Everything DiSC® Workplace. This updated in-house programme is 10 hours in total and can be organised to suit your workplace schedule. It is a highly interactive thought-provoking workshop packed with activities and exercises and suitable for a maximum of 8 participants.

Along with a comprehensive workbook, each participant will complete an online DiSC® Workplace Assessment which will produce a 20-page personal profile to incorporate into the programme. This profile will help them to gain insights into their strengths and challenges in the ‘New Normal’ work environment. They will learn to understand the priorities that drive their behaviour, their fears and their stressors. It will give them a tool to explore similarities and differences with their work colleagues and in doing so manage misunderstandings, avoid unhelpful conflicts, and strengthen relationships in their altered environment.

Programme Overview:

  • An Understanding of the DiSC® Model
  • How to read and understand your Personalised Everything DiSC® Workplace Report
  • Stress and Performance – An Understanding
  • The Impact of Stress on the Body
  • Neuroscience and the Thought Process
  • Developing New and Sustainable Habits
  • Dealing with Emotional Difficulty and Staying Positive
  • A Guide to Developing a Personal 7 – Step Resilience Programme

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