Everything DiSC Workplace®


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Everything DiSC Workplace®


Everything DiSC® workplace provides participants with techniques to improve awareness of self and others and be more effective in the workplace. By delivering personalised insights built around an easy to understand model, Everything DiSC helps participants at all levels of an organisation build key social and emotional skills, improving workplace satisfaction, results and relationships. The workplace modules provide an in-depth understanding of participants priorities and motivations, how they relate to those with different DiSC styles and how they can use DiSC to build productive relationships. The workshop is packed with interactive exercises, videos, handouts and each participant will receive a personalised profile of their own unique DiSC style.

Who is it designed for:

The programme is designed for people at all levels of the organisation. It offers participants the ideal opportunity to uncover their DiSC style, explore their tendencies and preferences and discover their differences and similarities to other DiSC styles.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn:

  • The framework of the DiSC Model.
  • The DiSC Styles.
  • How their priorities influence their actions.
  • Their motivators and stressors.
  • How to work with people with different styles.
  • How to bridge differences and use DiSC to build more effective relationships.


An Overview of Modules

  • The History of DiSC
  • An Introduction to People Reading
  • Discovering your DiSC Style
  • Understanding Other Styles
  • A Day in the Life Activity
  • How to be more effective with other DiSC Styles
  • Building Better Relationships


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