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Leading with Emotional Intelligence


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Leading with Emotional Intelligence


This programme is 8 hours in total delivered over 2 x half-days. Prior to attending the workshop participants will be asked to complete the Roche Martin Emotional Capital Report ECR™. This is a powerful tool that has been proven across the world to help measure Emotional Intelligence Competencies. These competencies are related to better performance gains across all levels of an organisation. Along with their personalised 19-page report each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook filled with key takeaways and exercises. The programme includes an optional follow up complimentary 1:2:1 one hour coaching session when completed.

Who is it designed for:

The programme is designed for those looking to improve their ability to lead and influence others effectively. Whether you are a senior executive, a line-manager, a team leader or a parent you will find that the information gained from the workshop will provide you with valuable insights to optimise your capabilities and improve relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Uncover the Science behind Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn the Emotional and Social Skills that drive Effective Leadership.
  • Assess and Review your own Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills.
  • Commit to develop an Action Plan for building your Emotional Capita.


An Overview of Modules

  • Emotional Intelligence – An Understanding
  • EQ and Our Brain
  • The 10 Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Interpreting the ECR™ – The Emotional Capital Report
  • Dealing with Emotional Difficulty
  • Creating Your Own Personal Development Plan

A Multi Rater Report – The ECR 360©
Using the multi-rater online method the individual has a choice to be assessed through a combination of responses from colleagues, managers, direct reports and others. These scores are then compared to the Self-Report to yield a gap analysis and an understanding of differences in self / others perception. This method includes personal tailored sessions concentrating on particular factors where ‘self’ scores and Rater Scores are significantly different and provides coaching in developing a personal strategic plan for improving performance.

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