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Programmes Available

Investment in our programmes will provide the opportunity for you as a  manager, a team member, a sales executive or an individual to develop the necessary mindset and behaviours that will bring success and fulfilment in your personal and professional lives.

Everything DiSC® Suite

The Everything DiSC® Suite offers  applications that help build self-awareness and improves performance in  Managers, Team Members and Individuals.

The entire suite is  available on an online Platform The Catalyst™ Platform that acts as a single access point for organisations and allows for continuous learning.


The Roche Martin ECR


The RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR)™  is a powerful psychometric tool that measures the 10 essential competencies required for Leadership, Sales Excellence, Wellness  and Cohesive Team Formation.

It has also been effectively used in  Recruitment and Parenting.

The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard

The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard  has been delivered nationwide for several years with great success.

It is available as a 60 – 90 minute lunch time skill-bite session covering the essentials. A half day session, an in-depth full day session or a comprehensive 6 week programme.


Sales & Service Excellence

Sales & Service Excellence Programme Suite offers a range of programmes for anyone in a sales or service role dealing with Customers in person, online or on the phone.

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