The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard



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The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard


The Resilience & Wellbeing Springboard was first launched in 2015 and delivered nationwide to the Public and Private sector. Since then it has been further developed and enhanced to reflect the current climate that we are all now experiencing.

In-House Option

The inhouse programme can be tailored to suit your schedule and budget.

The programme can be delivered in person or online.

The options available are:

        • A 60-90 minute online  skill-bite lunch session covering the essentials
        • A Half-Day online / in-person 3 hour-workshop
        • A Full-Day online / in-person in-depth workshop
        • A 6-week intensive online programme delivered in 2 hour consecutive weekly modules

To discuss these in more detail and consider what option might be best suited to your organisation please book a 15- minute FREE TIME SLOT with me  on the link below.



A Sample of Modules

  • Stress and Performance – The Link
  • The Impact of Bad stress on the Body
  • Uncovering our Thought Process
  • Triggers and Stressors
  • Personalities
  • Dealing with Emotional Difficulty
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Psychology – An Understanding
  • Martin Seligman – PERMA
  • Forming Happiness Habits
  • A Guide to Developing a Personal 7-Step Resilience Programme



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